Social Responsibility
Buy a case of straws and we happily plant a tree (usually more than 1) in one of several different deforested nations around the world. We have been supporting Trees for the Future for 9 years, in one aspect or another, by tying our interest in the earth with cool and eco-friendly promotions people love. The paper straw initiative is our biggest and most bold effort to help our planet and its inhabitants on several levels. We are eliminating plastic straws (the single worst offender of one time use plastic consumables) while planting trees, saving the earth and saving lives. Did you know that reforestation projects in depleted areas do more than eat carbon and create oxygen? A well-established forest will bring back birds and wildlife, create barriers for water runoff, create underground aquafers providing fresh drinking water for humans and farming, create lakes, fruits, berries and vegetables for consumption, create jobs for local hard-working villages and so much more! The world is truly a magnificent place and we can bring it back forever by eliminating plastic and creating life with trees.
Our Mission
Our mission is simple. Eliminate billions of plastic straws in our landfills, waterways and oceans while providing an alternative that works now and forever. By eliminating billions of plastic straws, we promise to plant millions of trees. By planting millions of trees, we will be providing the healing power the earth needs to be a better place for all of us.
Why Us
Our main headquarters is in the South East United States. We enjoy year-round sun and surf and most of us get to see the ocean a few times a week. Not long ago we were asked by several clients with bars, restaurants or hotels to procure paper straws for their establishments. This was new to us, so we did what we always do. EVERYTHING! PROBLEM: We quickly learned of the devastating effects of plastic straws. The massive volume used and discarded everyday and the choke hold they have on the environment. We also learned that the paper straws on the market were of poor quality, tasted like cardboard in your mouth, were rarely available and too expensive for businesses to justify making the switch. SOLUTION: We deployed five team members overseas to find the ten best paper straw manufacturers, sent in inspectors to verify FDA and Prop 65 compliance, and started testing and tasting straws (true story). We made sure our straws stood up way longer in a drink than what is now on the market, have a great mouth feel, do not taste like cardboard, are far less expensive and most importantly, our straws are available. Then we contracted with these factories to take all they can produce. I love it when a plan comes together!!